Big World Breaks is a production company built for innovating and enhancing stage, studio,
and education projects; fostering partnerships, creating original works and designing unique curriculum.

“Much respect to Big World Breaks. It has always been a pleasure to collaborate with them. Their music always inspires us and makes me want to get down! Easy to work with, passionate and talented at what they do.”

– Jeromeskee (Massive MonkeesRock Steady Crew

“AWL (Director of Big World Breaks) is a boss. Always has been. And most likely will maintain being one. I’ve known him for over 15 years now. He’s about community. He’s about integrity. He’s about art. And the man has mastered his craft of the drums.” 

– Macklemore 

“Big World Breaks is The Sh_t…amazing…phenomenal…our b-boys’ live theme music…from the culture to the culture…Seattle music’s heartbeat…my favorite drummer’s band.”


Twitter | Rock Steady Crew  |  Massive Monkees

“The Big World Breaks crew is a team of stellar musicians I had the pleasure of working with to develop a live version set of what our group (Blue Scholars) typically does as a traditional rap show. They did an excellent job of adapting our instrumentals for a 9 piece band. A bulk of our material at that time was sample based and I was impressed with how well they were able to recreate the music for a live format with both soul and technical accuracy. Aaron Walker-Loud was a communicative and professional band director, and playing with the BWB fam was great experience. I felt privileged to share the stage with such accomplished musicians!”

– Alexei Saba Mohajerjasbi (Sabzi, Blue Scholars)

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